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Jobs at Ennova

A job at Ennova involves challenging, analytical customer projects at a high professional level in a young, positive environment.


We strive to ensure that our employees perceive Ennova to be the industry's most exciting, challenging workplace, always working with the latest methods and theory - and with the highest quality targets.


As an employee at Ennova you will be joining a dynamic team that works towards shared targets - which makes cooperation and a professional dialogue absolutely crucial in Ennova.



Positive growth and development mean that we are always interested in hearing from new, competent employees.


At the moment we have the following vacancies:


  • There are no vacancies at present.


If you think we should know about your qualifications, you are always welcome to send us an unsolicited application.


We retain unsolicited applications for six months. We contact you within this period if a vacancy matches your profile and your competences.


Send your unsolicited application to


Recruitment process

Your application will of course be handled in confidence, and will not be forwarded to any parties other than those who deal with recruitment at Ennova.


At Ennova we put emphasis on a thorough, professional recruitment process. Our process will therefore typically consist of three meetings, each of which has its own unique purpose.


On the basis of applications, we invite the most attractive candidates for a personal interview. These interviews take place at the same time a screening interview, ensuring that only the best candidates are invited to the second interview, in which the manager making the appointment is involved. After the second interview, the candidate to whom the position will be offered is selected. The third interview is essentially a dialogue about practical matters and an introduction to specific tasks and the team of which the person will be a member.


The recruitment process is carried out by Ennova's HR Department.


Make a career with Ennova

Career paths at Ennova are transparent and accessible to all - but they are also clearly defined with regard to requirements and expectations.


A career at Ennova requires a desire and a commitment to develop and better oneself. Promotion is based on skills, not on seniority. At Ennova we put equal emphasis on technical specialists and good managers - which means that you have the same career opportunities whether you have a consultant, a manager or a specialist inside you.


Top class induction training

To support the individual employee's career, we work in a targeted way on education and training. As a new employee at Ennova, in the first three months you will undergo an induction process, which focuses in detail on Ennova's competences and business awareness. This "basic training" serves the purpose of quickly providing you with the competences to take part in our exciting, challenging customer projects.


Professional and personal development

Professional and personal development is a key concept at Ennova. To guarantee the individual employee's continued professional and personal development, every year we draw up an individual development plan. These development plans are based on a competence evaluation and the employee appraisal meetings - and aim to equip the individual employee with skills with the aid of professional courses, personal training and coaching.

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Did you know that...

Ennova sponsors our employees' participation in jogging all over the Nordic region.

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