We measure the value of our organisation through the strength of the individuals

The organisation

Strong competences, experience and know-how are at the very core of Ennova. This enables us to produce employee, manager and customer surveys that add genuine value to our customers' organisations.


From our offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Aarhus, we employ approx. 80 full-time employees, all of whom are experts in the fields of project management, communication, analysis and advice. More than 90% of all employees have a university degree at Master's level or higher.


The ability to service the biggest companies in the Nordic region and to feel comfortable in Boardrooms must also be viewed in the context of our sound core of senior consultants, who typically have 10-15 years' experience in Ennova's primary field of competence: fact-based advisory services.


Customer service and the quality of our products have always been the key to Ennova's success. Our employees are highly committed to satisfying our customers' needs - we call it "the will to succeed". For our customers, this means action and responsibility for the assignment from Day One.

As an element of our strategic objective to deliver services of the very highest quality, we conduct ongoing evaluations of our deliveries together with our customers. On a scale of 0-100, over a ten-year period, our customers' loyalty has been consistently over 80 - representing a very strong allegiance to Ennova.


These are figures that we are proud of. And that we work resolutely to maintain every single day.

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Did you know that...

Ennova's surveys are of such high quality that we often present the results to the Boards of our customers.

Nordic Excellence Worldwide

Store Kongensgade 81
DK-1264 Copenhagen K

+45 86 20 21 20


CVR. nr. 19587347

Kristian IVs gate 12
NO-0164 Oslo

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Östermalmsgaten 87 b, 1
SE-114 59 Stockholm

+46 (0) 8 545 670 80


Org. nr. 556 732 9312

Daugbjergvej 26
DK-8000 Aarhus C

+45 86 20 21 20


CVR. nr. 19587347

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