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A united Coloplast with proven better quality in management, a framework for feedback and more committed employees. With an eye to cultural diversity and the individual manager's devolopment, the People and Communications Department, the CEO and local HR Business Partners are working to ensure that the entire organisation is working on its own devolopment. 


From People & Communications at the head office in Humlebæk to large-scale production in both eastern and western parts of the world: Coloplast operates across great distances, but differences in the understanding of management, culture and development have been shortened in recent years. The result is a united Coloplast, in which guidelines, quality and the system of manager and employee development are the same all over the world. 

We want to develop a performance culture in which all employees at Coloplast knows exactly what they need to do to fulfil ambitious, high objevtives

Anders Monrad Rendtorff, Senior Vice President, People & Communications

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