SAS’s annual PULSE survey was extended to include a new set of questions and more user-friendly reporting.

The challenge

SAS wanted to put the annual PULSE survey on the Group management agenda and to coordinate the survey across the business. The aim was to achieve a greater overview and better insight into performance and initiatives. The PULSE survey is an important tool in the development of both employees and managers, so it was important to create a process that secured a good dialogue and local acceptance.


The solution

The basis of the PULSE survey was the model behind Ennova's European Employee Index (EEI). This created reassurance through a focus on the process instead of methodology, and made it possible to achieve external benchmarking. The process framework was quickly established, so local discussions could be held at an early stage, and all employees were involved in the process from the outset.

Using Ennova's Organizer, data collection and validation took place quickly, efficiently and with high quality - and Ennova arranged, among other things, a hands-on workshop with the people who validated the data in order to guarantee a streamlined process.


The result

No fewer than 77% of all SAS employees took part in the survey. This is the highest response rate ever. The survey was followed up in the form of results workshops with relevant HR consultants from SAS, who were trained by Ennova in working with the results of the survey, and all in all the Group engaged their committed employees in a dialogue about the SAS of the future. 

We chose Ennova because we needed a supplier with experience of surveys on this scale and with this level of complexity

Birgitta Bengtsson, People Development Manager, SAS

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