Ennova gets Europe's largest company as customer

"We get a solution that will help move our organisation forward."

These words come from the world's seventh largest company: Shell. They were said in connection with the decision to choose Ennova to carry out Shell's Employee Engagement Surveys from 2017 onwards.

Ennova has been in communication with Shell for over two years, which is why it gives us such pleasure to announce that the company has chosen us as the supplier of its Employee Engagement Surveys. The competition has been tough, and before making its decision, Shell has made an extremely thorough review of Ennova as a company; what do we stand for, and what are we capable of?  


"We are incredibly proud of the fact that Shell has chosen Ennova. They require a supplier that can help them take the work with Employee Engagement one step further. Shell has done an extremely thorough job of researching the area and ended by choosing us, because our solutions best match their needs," says Ennova CEO Thomas Vestergaard.

In today's digital world, companies can download the software themselves and carry out surveys among employees and managers. The challenge is thus not to generate figures and statistics but to design and implement valid surveys that can lead to the correct actions and activities within the organisation.  Shell has prioritised this in its choice of Ennova.


Nordic Excellence Worldwide

With four offices in the Nordic region and a staff of around 100, Ennova is a Nordic consultancy company that has implemented global Employee Engagement Surveys for many years. Employment Engagement is Ennova's primary business area, which is why we already have considerable experience in delivering solutions to countries around the world. Shell is therefore not the first major worldwide customer that Ennova has on file. But it is undoubtedly the largest.

Shell has locations in over 70 countries, employs more than 90,000 people and produces more than 3 million barrels of oil every single day. This makes Shell Europe's largest company, as well as putting it in the top 10 list of the largest companies in the world.

Targeted strategy

"From a Nordic perspective it is really interesting to get Shell as a customer," says Thomas Vestergaard.

It is far from random, however. Ennova has been working on a targeted strategy to go out and put its solutions into action for the absolute largest global companies. This is therefore natural as the next step in the line of international projects which Ennova has won over recent years.

"Shell has had its eyes opened to what we can do. And we are very pleased and proud that our strategy is succeeding," explains Thomas Vestergaard.


Ennova looks forward to the collaboration and extends a warm welcome to Shell.

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