A customized solution requires us to know your precise objectives

Project scope

The secret behind a successful survey is our joint ability to relate the survey to your business objectives.


Otherwise, the results of the survey will not have their well-earned existence in the company after the survey.


The questions are simple - but the responses require detailed consideration:

What do you want to achieve with the survey? How will it to support your senior management, your managers and your employees? And when is the survey a success?


Once this has been determined, the real planning work can begin.


To find the objective, we have to know the starting point

Ennova is with you right from the start in the identification of needs. Taking your strategy, values and business objectives as the starting point, we define the decisive focal points of the project.


We make sure that you find answers to the absolutely fundamental questions during the startup phase, in which there are lots of stakeholders and practical considerations to deal with.


We will challenge you with the following questions:


  • Which questions should the survey answer?
  • How will you organise yourselves within the company for the project to succeed?
  • Who is to be interviewed and when? How can and will we communicate during the project?
  • What restrictions do the finances for the survey place on the solution?
  • Who are your target groups in the survey?
  • How much time do we have? When do you, the owners of the survey, the managers and the employees come into contact with the survey?
  • When is the survey a success?
  • What practical challenges are we already aware of (e.g. language, availability, special organisational structures)?
  • Which organisation challenges do we have to resolve (e.g. ownership of the survey, different focal points around the organisation)?
  • What is to happen when the results are available? What demands can or must we make on employees and managers in the follow-up phase?


Once we have jointly defined your desired platform, Ennova is ready to customise the project so that it matches your wishes, temperament and unique characteristics - without locking you into a fixed IT, reporting and conceptual framework.


The next phase is the solution design - introduced here

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