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Survey Execution

Whether it's an employee, manager or customer survey, one thing is certain: the valid, valuable data must be obtained in the best way and with the greatest possible respect for the process.


Conducting a survey is always challenging and exciting, and there are many pitfalls. 


The survey is only as good as your base data and the organisation of the survey itself. Ennova therefore tightens the safety net beneath you in connection with finding the right employees, managers and customers to ask. And we never leave you alone with a confusing Excel spreadsheet filled with incomprehensible dependencies.


Instead, we support internal work on data with a number of totally unique tools, which saves you countless hours of work.


Data collection

Greek, Russian or Swedish. Paper, iPhone or e-mail. Latin, Arabic or Chinese characters. 1, 10 or 100 versions of the questionnaire. At sea, on land or in the air.


We have tried them all, and our competences give everyone the right opportunity to answer the right questions. With experience from countless international projects, we project-manage all translation and logistics in your data collection process with a steady hand.

Analysis and reporting

At Ennova we strive to give our customers precise knowledge that leads to change and adds value. This is the reason why we put all of our effort into the development of analytical solutions that provide our customers with insight that is beyond the ordinary. In this respect our customer-driven innovation process is key, and it means that the analysis does not simply point out where the results are good or bad, but explains the best way to make improvements.


We communicate the results in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way, providing a quick overview - regardless of whether the reports are strategic or are designed for the individual manager in the organisation. All of our reports are thus developed for the individual customer.


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